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Cured case of Piles
Hi all, I would like to share my illness and how I got cured through homeopathic medicines. I had piles issue from last month. I met Dr. Archana and consulted her for the same. She very slowly asked about my history from childhood till now and understood the problem which I was facing now at present. She had taken every detail as of whether I had past history of piles and what exactly happening now. She prepared and gave me the medicines the next day itself. Within 2 weeks I could see so much change. I am so relieved from the illness and so thankfull to Dr.Archana for her diagnosis and medication.
Cured case of Migraine
I was suffering from light headedness, dizziness and general weakness when I would get up in the morning. I also suffered from acidity and gas problem which added to the trouble. After consulting and taking prescribed medication from Dr. Archana Khade, I had great relief within few days and now I am feeling all fine! Thank you for your help Dr. Archana! 🙏
Mrs. Sreeja
I consulted Dr.Archana for my son's fungal infection a couple of months back.He had a rash on his leg because of the infection. Dr Archana was patient enough to take all information for the case study. Her diagnosis was accurate and her medicines worked on my son really well. As it's homeopathy, it took a few weeks to get 100% cured but i am quite happy with how the medicine worked on my son and how well he recovered. If you believe in homeopathy, Dr. Archana is a great doctor one can approach.
Mrs. Rashmi Vinod
My daughter had severe constipation issues once I potty trained her to get rid of the diapers. Initially I just thought it takes a little time and gave it the benefit of doubt of her trying to control and not wanting to go to the toilet. But one month later, I realised she is moving close to what I sensed as acute constipation. I was in touch with me paediatrician and she advised me course of syrups to ease her pain. Slowly had to start suppository to help her pass the motions. I realised that all these are becoming a routine rather than solving the issue. I then took Dr. Archana’s help to see if homeo could get me some help. Doctor had a detailed sitting with me trying to understand my daughter’s habits, likes and dislikes. She prescribed me a course of medicines for a month. Within a week of taking it, we could see a difference and my daughter started to improve first over the length of days she was passing motions onto smaller intervals. She then started making routine visits daily and that also with no signs of fear and pain. I am very thankful and indeed happy that I finally got rid of my worries and thoughts around the issue. Thank you is a small word but I associate every word of gratitude with it Doctor.
Mrs. Indrani Sengupta
My mother aged 67 years had issues with gastrointestinal system and arthritic changes in the knee joint since many years. After a detailed consultation with Dr Khade and taking timely medicines, her flatulence and dyspepsia are gone and only issue is indigestion which are the chronic ones though they have reduced to some extent Hello Dr.Archana. gud afternoon, ur medicine is very helpful for me, I have a headache problem , the medicine u gave to me is very comfortable for me nd I got a lot of relief from it.And u always care ur patient. There is no side effect of homeopathic medicine. Thank u so much.
Mr. Arjun Wadekar
In the month of May, I had problems like morning weakness sometimes coupled with dizziness. Acidity and gas trouble, body pain etc. I consulted and started homeopathy medicine from Dr. Archana Khade. In the first phase of 2 weeks medicine, most symptoms reduced and I started feeling better. Subsequently with a review and some other complaints addressed, I am now on a second set of medicines and they too are effective in controlling the health issues. Dr. Archana has been very supportive and she guided me on all aspects and encouraged to have a positive outlook and faith, which has helped me a lot. Thank you so much!
Mrs. Kamini - case of UTI
I had been suffering from UTI on and off for the past few months. Had been taking allopathic medicine every time. It always seemed to help but only temporarily. Finally I came to know about Dr.Archana Harish, a homoeopathic practitioner, from my society itself. I thought of trying homeopathy, because I was really tired of strong antibiotics and was looking for something which will heal me completely. After taking a certain course of homeopathy medicine for a few days I was completely healed and after that day I never got the infection again. Thanks to Dr.Archana and her wonderful treatment.
Mrs. Shweta Verma
I have acne issues from last 3 years and I was looking for Homeo treatment from some good doctor. Many people recommended Dr. Archana for this. She is a wonderful doctor. When I met her, she made me comfortable and tried to understand my background before giving any medication. Generally, if you go to the doc, they ask your problem and give you medicine. Her process is different, first she tries to understand your body and your mental state, and then she gives the medicine. The medicine she gave to me was really helpful. She gave me one powder which is a kinda magic. It heals acne in a day from outside and she gave me medicine that acne should not come out that one also is working well. I was struggling to have iron dosage in allopathy, I was surprised she searched for me in Homeo and recommended me to have it. I am taking it and I m very happy with it. In parallel, casually, I discussed dandruff issue that one of my friend was facing, she suggested one shampoo and it worked like a magic. Within one wash, the dandruff flakes were gone. I was surprised with the results. If you go to salon they charge heavily and still don't work out. I am very happy that I met her, I always believed in homeopathy. Now, I found one, and will try to switch my max treatments in Homeo. One more point, she never focus on minting money, she believes that her patients should be happy and healthy.